Welcome to Suwannee River Mulch

For three generations Suwannee Lumber Company has been an industry leader in Quality, Customer Service, and Price. Today, those very important values are still the driving force behind our commitment to you. To further solidify our role as an industry leader, 2 of our 3 production facilities are now completely automated. We operate our own trucking fleet and have our own logging operations that are solely dedicated to our mulch, bark and soil production facilities. You, the customer, are our most valuable asset and it is our goal to provide you with a first class product that will make you the number one choice in your marketplace. At Suwannee Lumber Co., we value your friendship, your business and your commitment to use the best soil and ground cover products available today. Thank you for choosing Suwannee Lumber Company.

Earth Nourish Planting Mix

Perfect for all your outdoor gardening projects.

Organic Compost

Excellent for use as a supplement to any soil.

Peat Humus

Excellent for use in sandy type soils.

Earth Nourish Premium Potting Soil

Perfect for all container grown plants.

Planting Soil Mix Conditioner

Works great as a planting foundation and soil amendment.

Top Soil

Excellent for use as a foundation.